A Florida Green Finance Authority Program

Financing the Power of Florida

Program Overview & Rules For Obtaining Free Energy Audit

Steps and rules for participation

1. Submit an eligibility application
To be eligible you must (a) own a small or medium commercial building from one of 5 building types; (b) be a good candidate for a bundled energy retrofit utilizing at least 2 energy conservation measures, such as HVAC, lighting and controls; and (c) qualify for PACE financing.

2. Once your application is received, you will be contacted to schedule a free pre-screen building walk-through. This will help us evaluate the potential for your building to benefit from an energy-saving retrofit.

3. Once approved you will receive a free ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit from Trane. This investment-grade audit will identify projected energy savings from the project.


There is no cost for the energy audit provided that you agree to finance the project with PACE through the Florida Green Energy Works Program and agree to work with the Program team to verify ongoing savings.

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