A Florida Green Finance Authority Program

Financing the Power of Florida


Financing For Building Improvements

We offer a variety of financing options to improve property by making them more energy efficient or wind resistant.

The Florida Green Energy Works Program offers a variety of innovative financing options that enables financing for projects that were heretofore not financeable.

For commercial property owners, the Program offers two primary financing options:  PACE and PACE3P®.  

Additionally, the Program can incorporate other financing alternatives, such as a community’s existing revolving loan fund or a low-interest loan program through a community development financial institution (CDFI) for low-income communities. 

What is PACE?

We offer opt in ready access to our property assessed clean energy (PACE) program, which provides upfront capital to property owners to invest in energy-efficiency, renewable energy or wind-resistance improvements to their property. The property owner’s participation is entirely voluntary. Our program simply puts in place the security and repayment mechanism using a centuries-old tool of municipal government finance: the non-ad valorem assessment. 

What is PACE3P®?*

PACE3P® is the PACE industry's first total-cost-solution for financing solar and other expensive clean technologies. PACE3P® is a third-party ownership platform offered by Demeter Power Group that enables property owners more options to enjoy the benefits of solar through either a PACE PPA or a PACE Lease® without spending any money upfront or any time or hassle with maintaining the system.  The result? More property owners can afford and access solar.

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